Sunday, 20 March 2011

3rd shoot...

For my third shoot I wanted to create a deep embellished style look that focused more on the eyes. I felt this would be good because its different from the others yet still effective. However I wanted to inject more colour into the image but without over doing it on the make-up. So to get over this obstacle I decided the way to do this would be through the lighting.

 The image above is a picture that I fell in love with when I saw it! so wanted to do my on take but still keep it similar. I would remove the eyebrows also but probably wouldn't add them above the embellished design. I think when designing you have to think about your model and so I feel that because my model Kimmi has beautifully big eyes, it would be best to keep the focus on them rather that drawing it up to the brows. I also think that this works well because the models hair is covered and I am not plannin to cover my models hair.
 This was the image that inspired me for the lighting. It's perfect for Kodak because colour is a massive focus point when doing the photo shoots. Also another example is below taken from the same shoot. It will be a challenge but really will give an amazing finish!

Monday, 7 March 2011

images that could relate to my designs....

 Shoot no.1
After creating the gold leaf look I noticed that Vivienne Westwood used something similar in her collection.

I really love the solid look of gold... rather than skin showing, a gold paint has been put down first and then the gold leaf built on top. So creative and looks fantastic!

Shoot no. 2

The turban look was created off the top of my head but it was really interesting to see how much it resembled the Ballet Russes!

shoot no. 1....and no.2

After finding out that I would not be marketing Kodaks dimensional printing, It has been decided that I need to create a couple more images for the campaign to help pull the public in. So now the contents of my campaign will include 5 images and one of the images will be used on the flyers. After doing a few more tests I have produced 2 more designs that explore colour. The first follows on from the previous post using gold leaf. These are the images before touch ups have been completed.

 For these shoots I did have a stylist, which did help me a lot because they were there to watch the clothing whilst I made sure the make-up and hair was ok. I also had a photographer for them too.

I was really happy with the result of this shoot and I felt the model really fit the design well. Looking at the pictures now I do think that I after getting some good shots, I should have been a bit more confident and wild with the design by adding more on, going down the arms and maybe on the the other side of the face. My original plan was the have the hair textured to go with the face but I then went against the idea because I felt the look would be ruined and the focus would be taken off the make-up. Not only that, the style gold leaf that I found had a sort of blue/green oil effect to it and I thought slick hair would fit it perfectly!

I then wanted to create a beauty look, that was plain, simple yet beautiful. I wanted the focus to be kept on the make-up so after learning from Jane de teliga, in a lecture I decided to just cover up the hair completely. I did this using a black turban. Here are some of the images before touch ups...

 After doing this look I thought it would be fun by exploring the colour further and swapping the lipstick for a bright blue. However I feel the images were not as striking as the first but I am glad I tried it.

Also with this shoot I was the stylist, make-up artist and photographer so was of course a bit much. In some of the images I feel the turban should have been adjusted a bit more on the left hand side of the image and so I think If I had others helping me I would not have made that mistake and would have noticed that problem occurring.