Sunday, 8 May 2011

Marketing the campaign...

On wednesday 4th May I went a head and marketed my campaign. I decided that it would be best to market the campaign in the morning as people would be walking to work. We set up for about for about 8.15am to hand out flyers. However, there were not as many people as we'd hoped, so after handing out a few flyers, I made the decision to pack up and head back to return at lunch time where there would be more people out on lunch breaks etc. The morning probably was not the best of times because the people that were going to work were rushing so didnt really have time to stop and look at the A1 images as much as we would have liked, so I thought it best to hang on and hand out flyers later. We had 500 flyers and I didn't want to waste them on people that were rushed so not interested. The only people that did stop seemed to have limited interest, so I was right to stop when we did.
Coming back for the lunch time, we set up for 1 o'clock as we worked out that people on lunch breaks would be between 12 and 2pm, so 1pm was a solid time to go for; where we would get people from either sides. This was much better, there was more people willing to stop and take a flyer. It was nice to have the public actually stopping to look at my images. I do wish I had even more flyers to hand out as I feel it was quite a success. Each board was stood on a metal marketing stand with the flyers being handed out by the side of it. I didn't really have any strategy to marketing the campaign other than for my friends helping me to appear approachable and advertise kodak confidently.
So overall it was a success in the end to advertise Kodak and my work. It was a shame that I got the time of day wrong to market the campaign first of all, but I got it right in the end.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Model and photographer....

When it came to getting a model and photographer, I did take some risks because first of all I decided to use only one model as I felt it went best with the slogan and also showed how different the make-up’s made the model look. The reason it was also a risk was because the model I found was not with an agency; however she clearly had a flare. I specifically chose her because she had striking features yet looked to be so versatile. I like that she is half English and half Philippines, as it made the project more appealing to other cultures too. When I first scouted her she had not worked with any make-up artists before, she had only done a few shoots with some local photographers, and I saw that as a challenge.

My photographer was a second year student from Norway that I had previously worked with her on other shoots. I felt she was great for the role because she was confident and not scared to try new things, for example on one of the shoots we used Gels on the lights. She hadn’t done it before, yet made a lovely job of it.
Some of her past work:

Ready to market this campaign!

I am very pleased to say that I have got my images printed A1 are of extremely good quality...exactly how they should be. All that is left to do is back them on to boards and market them to the public. It is now arranged with the council to go ahead a market them anytime this week. Im looking forward to finally doing it and have friends to help me achieve it.
As for the flyers... they are all completed and printed. I have had 500 printed, which totals to 100 flyers per helper and per A1 image.
Here is the back of the flyer. I aimed to keep it simple, after looking in other magazines, for example wallpaper magazine. That one in particular had a few and I prefered the simple yet effective take on them, especially as Epson printers are not new but very good quality so why not just show the quality in the print itself! The front on the flyers will be alternate larger images, 100 of each picture.

keeping to my time schedule!

I am pleased to say that the original time schedule that I had completed, I kept to very well. I wanted to get all the shoots done early on so that I had enough time to leave to print.

Week Commencing...
To be completed
9th Feb
Design 5 different hair and make-ups- try them out. Test shots of make-ups and looks and decide on lighting. Email agencies for models. Get final concrete plan from Kodak..
16th Feb
Arrange outfits, props, make-up products and styling. Get a studio booked, arrange model.
23rd Feb
Practice make-up and hair, make sure all is sorted. Have a model sorted.
2nd March
Do first and second photo shoot
9th March
Do third and forth photo shoot
16th March
Do fifth shoot. Begin photo shopping images and designing flyers
23rd March
Begin photo shopping images and designing flyers
30th March
Photoshop image and design flyers
6th April
*Send images to be printed and wait. Look for possible helpers to sell campaign.
13th April
*wait for return, fix any problems
20th April
*wait for return and then finally market the campaign onwards.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The 5 final images for the campaign...

Here are the 5 final images for the campaign with the kodak logo and also a slogan that I had been brainstorming for a while!

I decided to use the same model for each of the 5 shoots. This was done so that it went well with the slogan of 'YOUR STYLE, PRINTED IN STYLE' and also gives the viewer a range of different styles in the best quality that the epson printers can print at. So no matter the style...Kodak can print it.
After some research into the epson printers and talking to the marketing manager, I found that the epson printers are most known for the colours that it produces. All the colours are very sharp and vibrant and so through my shoots I wanted to explore this. This of course is the reason why I chose to the variety of coloured shoots; Pastel colours for the dolly, brightly blocked coloured look, deep coloured jewelled look, matallic look and then a natural, but also quite dark look. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The final inspirational images, people and my own interpreted shoot....

The next shoot that I did, was created to show pastels, another variety of colours. Here are some inspirational images used...
 First of all the person that caught my eye of inspiration was Zandra Rhodes, a well known designer that always has been known for her wild pink hair. Love the pale complexion with brightly coloured designs on top.
 The doll look has always been something that I would like to play with a re-create and so I thought this could be a great opportunity! Really like the lips in this one and removal of the eyebrows, drawing them up, higher on the face.
I loved the innocense of the black and white image in this one and also the weirdness of the image on the top left. It's fake but almost so real, exactly how children see their own dolly's!

My shoot.....

I was really pleased with the result of these images and feel that I have developed them so much.

Inspiration for a more colourful block look.... and then the final

 I wanted to create a look that was colourful, fresh and new. Block colours were a perfect solution for this and so this is what I used. When researching, I found some wonderful images that fit perfectly in to what I wanted to create.

I really loved these images. Not only do I love the design of it all but the poses in particular work really well.

So with these images I then went on to create my own with a slight twist...

I felt this shoot went well and I loved that we were able to create movement within the picture to give it slightly more of a story behind it. To do this we used a large fan. I do feel that if I re-did the images I would have been more extravagant with the poses. However I do like the images that were produced.
To create the stars on the face I use stickers first and painted on a marble effect paint on top then peeled the stickers off and worked on top. i chose to create a marble effect because I really like the background of the inspirational images and so wanted to incorporate it into my design.