Thursday, 28 April 2011

The 5 final images for the campaign...

Here are the 5 final images for the campaign with the kodak logo and also a slogan that I had been brainstorming for a while!

I decided to use the same model for each of the 5 shoots. This was done so that it went well with the slogan of 'YOUR STYLE, PRINTED IN STYLE' and also gives the viewer a range of different styles in the best quality that the epson printers can print at. So no matter the style...Kodak can print it.
After some research into the epson printers and talking to the marketing manager, I found that the epson printers are most known for the colours that it produces. All the colours are very sharp and vibrant and so through my shoots I wanted to explore this. This of course is the reason why I chose to the variety of coloured shoots; Pastel colours for the dolly, brightly blocked coloured look, deep coloured jewelled look, matallic look and then a natural, but also quite dark look. 

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