Monday, 2 May 2011

keeping to my time schedule!

I am pleased to say that the original time schedule that I had completed, I kept to very well. I wanted to get all the shoots done early on so that I had enough time to leave to print.

Week Commencing...
To be completed
9th Feb
Design 5 different hair and make-ups- try them out. Test shots of make-ups and looks and decide on lighting. Email agencies for models. Get final concrete plan from Kodak..
16th Feb
Arrange outfits, props, make-up products and styling. Get a studio booked, arrange model.
23rd Feb
Practice make-up and hair, make sure all is sorted. Have a model sorted.
2nd March
Do first and second photo shoot
9th March
Do third and forth photo shoot
16th March
Do fifth shoot. Begin photo shopping images and designing flyers
23rd March
Begin photo shopping images and designing flyers
30th March
Photoshop image and design flyers
6th April
*Send images to be printed and wait. Look for possible helpers to sell campaign.
13th April
*wait for return, fix any problems
20th April
*wait for return and then finally market the campaign onwards.

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