Monday, 2 May 2011

Ready to market this campaign!

I am very pleased to say that I have got my images printed A1 are of extremely good quality...exactly how they should be. All that is left to do is back them on to boards and market them to the public. It is now arranged with the council to go ahead a market them anytime this week. Im looking forward to finally doing it and have friends to help me achieve it.
As for the flyers... they are all completed and printed. I have had 500 printed, which totals to 100 flyers per helper and per A1 image.
Here is the back of the flyer. I aimed to keep it simple, after looking in other magazines, for example wallpaper magazine. That one in particular had a few and I prefered the simple yet effective take on them, especially as Epson printers are not new but very good quality so why not just show the quality in the print itself! The front on the flyers will be alternate larger images, 100 of each picture.

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