Monday, 2 May 2011

Model and photographer....

When it came to getting a model and photographer, I did take some risks because first of all I decided to use only one model as I felt it went best with the slogan and also showed how different the make-up’s made the model look. The reason it was also a risk was because the model I found was not with an agency; however she clearly had a flare. I specifically chose her because she had striking features yet looked to be so versatile. I like that she is half English and half Philippines, as it made the project more appealing to other cultures too. When I first scouted her she had not worked with any make-up artists before, she had only done a few shoots with some local photographers, and I saw that as a challenge.

My photographer was a second year student from Norway that I had previously worked with her on other shoots. I felt she was great for the role because she was confident and not scared to try new things, for example on one of the shoots we used Gels on the lights. She hadn’t done it before, yet made a lovely job of it.
Some of her past work:

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