Sunday, 8 May 2011

Marketing the campaign...

On wednesday 4th May I went a head and marketed my campaign. I decided that it would be best to market the campaign in the morning as people would be walking to work. We set up for about for about 8.15am to hand out flyers. However, there were not as many people as we'd hoped, so after handing out a few flyers, I made the decision to pack up and head back to return at lunch time where there would be more people out on lunch breaks etc. The morning probably was not the best of times because the people that were going to work were rushing so didnt really have time to stop and look at the A1 images as much as we would have liked, so I thought it best to hang on and hand out flyers later. We had 500 flyers and I didn't want to waste them on people that were rushed so not interested. The only people that did stop seemed to have limited interest, so I was right to stop when we did.
Coming back for the lunch time, we set up for 1 o'clock as we worked out that people on lunch breaks would be between 12 and 2pm, so 1pm was a solid time to go for; where we would get people from either sides. This was much better, there was more people willing to stop and take a flyer. It was nice to have the public actually stopping to look at my images. I do wish I had even more flyers to hand out as I feel it was quite a success. Each board was stood on a metal marketing stand with the flyers being handed out by the side of it. I didn't really have any strategy to marketing the campaign other than for my friends helping me to appear approachable and advertise kodak confidently.
So overall it was a success in the end to advertise Kodak and my work. It was a shame that I got the time of day wrong to market the campaign first of all, but I got it right in the end.

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