Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Inspiration for a more colourful block look.... and then the final

 I wanted to create a look that was colourful, fresh and new. Block colours were a perfect solution for this and so this is what I used. When researching, I found some wonderful images that fit perfectly in to what I wanted to create.

I really loved these images. Not only do I love the design of it all but the poses in particular work really well.

So with these images I then went on to create my own with a slight twist...

I felt this shoot went well and I loved that we were able to create movement within the picture to give it slightly more of a story behind it. To do this we used a large fan. I do feel that if I re-did the images I would have been more extravagant with the poses. However I do like the images that were produced.
To create the stars on the face I use stickers first and painted on a marble effect paint on top then peeled the stickers off and worked on top. i chose to create a marble effect because I really like the background of the inspirational images and so wanted to incorporate it into my design.

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