Sunday, 20 March 2011

3rd shoot...

For my third shoot I wanted to create a deep embellished style look that focused more on the eyes. I felt this would be good because its different from the others yet still effective. However I wanted to inject more colour into the image but without over doing it on the make-up. So to get over this obstacle I decided the way to do this would be through the lighting.

 The image above is a picture that I fell in love with when I saw it! so wanted to do my on take but still keep it similar. I would remove the eyebrows also but probably wouldn't add them above the embellished design. I think when designing you have to think about your model and so I feel that because my model Kimmi has beautifully big eyes, it would be best to keep the focus on them rather that drawing it up to the brows. I also think that this works well because the models hair is covered and I am not plannin to cover my models hair.
 This was the image that inspired me for the lighting. It's perfect for Kodak because colour is a massive focus point when doing the photo shoots. Also another example is below taken from the same shoot. It will be a challenge but really will give an amazing finish!

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