Tuesday, 15 February 2011

2nd design...

For my 2nd design I want to create depth and I thought that I could do this by doing a lot of contouring with darker shades
Really love this picture below, so want to use it as inspiration. Love the contoured cheekbones and jewelled eyes. This image shows depth and creativity.I  also really like the gold, however I think for my piece I would like to use navy, purple and silvers.

 The eyebrows below are really nice so, am also going to incorporate  this with in the eye make-up I already like.I think I will do this by sticking the eybrows down first and then work on top.

Just naturalite black lashes will be used to finish the eyes off. The skin needs to be a clean base with contoured cheeks. As for the lips I want to have them darker around the edges fading to a lighter shade:

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