Friday, 25 February 2011

A change in decision and test shoots....

I have done some test shots, these have not been created on models. This was done merely to get the make-up down on the face in order to be able to develop it further. After speaking to the marketing manager of Kodak, I unfortunately heard that it would not be possible to do a marketing campaign for the dimensional printing, as there are just not enough printers available at this time, what with them being so new. So as an alternative Mr Pat Holloway has offered for me to market their epson printers instead. This was a bit of a disappointment as my whole idea of the 3d image has gone but the fact Kodak are still willing to work with me is a plus. So he then asked for me to literally get the make-up on just a friends face and email them over to send for a test print so that I am able to see the quality of the prints before continuing. So this is what I have done.

The tests for 2 of the make-up's....
                                                                       sweetie shoot
                                                                        depth shoot.

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