Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A passion for make-up used to create a reaction. I want to create a marketing campaign that I can show in the centre of town to the Southampton public.
Marketing campaigns are everywhere, but how can a new marketing campaign be made more current and fun. My initial idea was to make my marketing campaign new and current by making it 3D.
In order to do this, research had to be done to gain a better understanding of how it would be possible. Photoshop was the way forward for this idea and so I looked on youtube and found many tutorials of how to do it. I also found a website to get free 3D glasses which was great.
The next step was to email a couple of companies that print large 3D images for displays and here are some of the ones that I emailed. I decided that whoever I would use I would base my marketing campaign on them. I was hoping that they may possibly support me if I were to advertise for them for free. This means the costs would be kept very low and the company would get free advertisements.
Once looking further into my idea, there were some issues. Because the 3D image would be made using the red and blue filters the actual quality of the image would not be as good as the public would see in the cinemas, therefore the public’s reaction wouldn’t be as accurate. I needed to find a solution for this.

Kodak came to the rescue with a new way of printing that creates a look that is layered and almost 3D but is actually just a flat image. After discovering this new technique, I sent an email straight to Kodak. Within a couple of days I was lucky to receive a very helpful reply... Jenny Duncan, the lady who got my email had spoken to the marketing manager and he had very kindly given me his mobile number and asked if I could give him a call Friday to discuss my ideas.
'A revolutionary digital print technology that creates raised—or 3D—text and images to differentiate and add value to the creative piece.’
Here is a small diagram of how the dimensional printing works. A thin coating is applied to the top of the image giving a raised look to certain colours. This gives it that ‘3D’ look.
Kodak have already just started making the marketing campaigns more current. I’m hoping to show more fashion and colour to advertise the current, quality of the image!

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