Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My 1st design...

Firstly I had to think about the printing side of things before I designed my make-up's. There needed to be shown lots of colour and depth.
DESIGN 1: For my first design, I wanted to keep it fun and colourful, after all, that is what kodak's printing are all about. So the first make-up is done using the inspiration of sweets. There was a really nice image that I found and felt I wanted to re-create...with a few  differences.

The picture above is the one I was saying about. I felt that when looking at the image it could look better if the eyebrows were taken completely out...so this is my plan. The colours will be slightly different also. I want to keep it a little child like by possibly using/making my own paper lashes.
I want the base to be pale  with a sugary look to the cheek bones...

This is actually a MAC lip product, but I think it could look quite nice on the cheeks.
On the lips....I have a few ideas. I either want to use actual sweets or just make-up...

The hair is going to be double/triple crimped, backcombed and sprayed baby pink making it look almost like candifloss. Sweetie accessories will also be used.

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