Friday, 25 February 2011

3rd design...

 Texture is the focus of my 3rd design. First of all the base is going to be clean and fresh with slightly contoured cheekbones. Using gold leaf either in a gold or bronze on one side of the face as shown above along with Illamasqua liquid metals pressed around it. On top of the mixed metallics 3 paper flowers will be sprayed gold/bronze and stuck on top of the gold leaf.
 There will be slight brown shadow on the corners of the eye to give it a little more depth and the 2 sets of eyelashes will be used for the look. This will create a style like the image above. Eyelashes on top and below the eye. Lips will be kept pale.
 Using gold, bronze or silver paint (depending on the models hair colour and complexion) to smother the neck, merging towards the face.
The hair will be long (similar length to the image above) and of course texture. I love the way her crimped falls naturally.

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