Friday, 25 February 2011

3rd test....

 Here is a rough idea for the textures shoot. Skin will be fresh and contoured before the gold leaf is added. Eyebrows will be natural, slightly shaded and brushed upwards. Illamasqua liquid metal has been added on top of the gold leaf. I have decided to go for a more bronze based look, with other metallics added.
Here you can see where I have put one set of eyelashes on the models left eye. I did this to test which I liked more... natural, without lashes or one set on one eye. I'm still in two mind to which I prefer so am going to have a little think about it and possibly take some more pictures. I did also try the gold liquid metal on the neck, but it was just not strong enough and clear enough to what I had hoped, so am going to purchase a thicker alternative.

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