Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The make-up...........

For the 3 photo shoots, I am planning to do 3 separate hair and make-up designs that show a lot of detail and colour. The aim of doing this is to then be able to show the public, how good the quality of the image is and how clearly the colours and detail are shown. I also want it to be colourful and detailed so that it stands out from the rest of the advertisements. I want to be able to attract the public.

 Love the variet of colour used in this, but not only is the colour striking; also the texture of make-up used.
 Really like the depth of this make-up, a great focus on the eyes.
 Of course I picked this one for the texture. The scratched texture looks amazing and makes me almost want to touch the picture....definitely an asset for kodaks dimensional printing.
 Love the contouring make-up because it really does give the face lkots of depth.

 The use of eyelashes and colour in this one work really nicely....definitely something to think about for my the designs!

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